Hello from Depression

The other day my mom started her vacation. We don’t talk that much. Actually, let me correct myself. She talks a lot. I just read the emails, hit archive and keep going with my life. So of course, she updates me daily on her life. My dad says I need to blog more. She’s the one who needs a blog. Or a facebook or maybe just some hobbies. She will send me emails with a full sentence in the subject, and no text in the actual email. I had just finished a successful weekend (in more ways than one) at a really nice comedy club in Indianapolis. I was about to go on stage at another gig. I was feeling good. Then my mom sends me a picture from Hawaii. “Aloha from Hawaii.” grreaaatt. Then my brother replies with a picture “Hey! From Sundance Resort, Utah.” AWwwwwesome. My whole family is in beautiful exotic places. I was about to go on stage and eat it at this smokey bar with no ventilation. So I sent them a picture back from the bar. “Hello from Depression.”

Half the pictures my mom sends me are just regular pictures too. They’re not even like “wow amazing view” or “look at this crazy hula fire dance.” It’s just like pictures of boring rocks and mountains. Yay. Not that hawaii isn’t exciting. I’ve been before. I like it, but your crappy iphone picture does nothing for me.

The next night I’m hanging with a girl at this bar, my mom sends me a picture of a beautiful view. So I sent her back a picture of the girl I was hanging with. Also a beautiful view. She immediately starts responding with questions: “who’s that? What’s her name? Age?” haha. Silly mom. Even if she told me her name, I wasn’t listening.

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