Blame it on the a a a art college baby

It's all your fault

I hate it when my dad is right.

I’m starting to understand the reasons of why I’m me by looking at my past. My dating life never got off to a great start.

If you look at my most recent post before this. My parents had a summer home when I was in high school. So while school was out and all my friends were out partying and getting girlfriends. I was stuck in a small town on an island for the summer, working 40 hours a week. And then. Prime time to rebel and do crazy things. College. I went to an Art College. There’s no crazy parties in Art School. It’s 4 guys in a circle taking bong rips. I don’t like smoking. Every time I tried it, I get hungry and tired. It’s like I’m already good at those things by myself. Plus the girls are either hippies with no deodorant or computer nerds and nobody wants to date a girl who can sit in front of the computer screen longer than you can.

This is an unfinished thought. I’ll get back to this and write some better jokes. I just finally came to the realization that I never had the normal childhood.

The Art Institute promises to prepare you for life after school and help you find jobs. Which is only partly true. When I left and got jobs on film sets, I had difficulty because the school never taught me to take coffee orders.

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