After the Party

Art imitates life. I had this idea to add on to my whole girls clubbing bit way back in Denver when this girl I was hanging with was screwing up my one of my favorite songs. I decided to throw it on the other day and I kinda ad libbed it on stage and it did well. Then I laughed because I started remembering the song Kanye did that plays out the whole scenario.

So here’s how the joke goes. I should listen to the song a couple times for some more inspiration. but this will do for now.

The hardest part about picking up girls from a nightclub is getting them home. The car ride home is ridiculous. You only have a small window of time before the alcohol starts to wear off and they go from party mode to sleep mode. But the whole time she’s being annoying like: “can we stop at taco bell? Can you give my girlfriend a ride? Can we change the station? I forgot to call my boyfriend. Why is my baby crying?” You’re like FINE. Just listen to the radio. But then they start singing along. I’m about to get a record deal? With who? You sound like an even drunker Macy Gray. She’s ruining all of my favorite songs. Even if it is embarrassing that I like Nelly. It’s still not fun.

I think I need a goofier artist. I tried Nelly Furtado. It didn’t get laughs. I wrote the joke with the original Nelly in mind.

Anyway. While we’re on the topic. Here’s another one of my favorite songs regarding the whole club scene.

By the way. I’m not stealing from these songs. I did PLENTY of my own research back in the days as if you couldn’t tell. I write about my life. Look at this picture. Drunken MESS. That night was nicknamed “hallway” night because my lady friend in the photo threw up in the hallway to the apartment of that curly haired guys. I have another story about several of these nights coming soon. I call it: “The Ultimate Wingman” Story about where I pretend to be asleep on a futon while my friend has sex with a girl. Then she kicks me off the futon. So I continue to pretend to be asleep. Because I’m just a nice guy like that. It’s in the saved drafts. So hack into my blog and read it. It’s just not funny yet. still very sad. I’ll post it one day. :*)

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