3rd Place

I can live with that. I woulda preferred a better set for the finals, but I had a pretty good one with a tight crowd of around 50 people. I had a killer one in front of important people and they know what I’m capable of. Next week will be another opportunity to show them what I’m made of. I’ll be featuring for the hilarious Gabriel Rutledge.

I’m not gonna dissect the set too much. I coulda gone to old favorites like the pizza delivery or craigslist but I get old on jokes quickly. So it would have annoyed me to do those jokes. They’re not all that clever and very amateurishly written. I want to win with stuff that kills and is well written.

Anyway. I’m being handed important lessons here and there. I’m feeling less and less like blogging the more I work on this cool website, but I’ll try to provide interesting insights into the world as I feel like they come.

Susan was a great coach. After last night I was stressing about how to repeat that performance. Susan called me eerily close to the same time as me having those thoughts and told me to get it out of my mind because it can’t be repeated and it all starts over tonight. Just do my set and know I do well. I did. Had a good solid set. and I was pretty happy with it.

So that’s the main story of the night. You can’t repeat the magic. You create new magic. See you around next time. 🙂

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