Show Me’s – Kentucky

I make fun of Hooters a lot. My friend Adam Norwest called me and said there’s a similar restaurant in Kentucky called “Show-Me’s” – because I guess “Hooters” was too subtle for Kentucky. They were like “Why would we go to a restaurant about an owl?” They’re going to open a restaurant in Alabma called “INYOFACE” [other potential name ideas (“POW POW” ?) (DAYUUMMMMNN! ?) (BADUNKADUNK?) (Purple Mountain Majesties) <- WTF? lol. ] But he called me and he goes “Dude, you gotta check this place out. It’s like a regular hooters on drugs!” I was like “First of all. A regular hooters on drugs is still a regular hooters. Second of all. Why would I go to Kentucky on Purpose?” That ended our conversation. but apparently they do comedy shows there. Sounds like someone stole my old room. Making fun of southerners is fun though.

Just a short little joke for this one. More like an addition to the hooters joke.

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