Beer Ripoff at Seahawks Game

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4 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    You’re missing the point. Ya, 6 bucks is a lot for a beer, but if you pay more for an even larger beer and get the same amount, you’re being lied to.

  2. I understand the deception. I’m saying you should be more pissed off about 6 dollars for a beer. That’s the more serious crime. P.S. This is a comedy website. I like to look at things in a humorous perspective. I know it’s difficult to imagine, but logic is usually checked at the door for a couple of jokes. 😉

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Joe says:

    The “small” cup is for the micro brew beer, and the “large” cup is for coors, bud, etc. They are not charging more for “size”, just more for more expensive beer.

  1. January 7, 2011


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