The NFL and Helmet to Helmet Hits

The big issue in sports right now is concussions and football. More specifically helmet to helmet hits like this one that will mess you up. Everyone’s worried about helmet to helmet hits on guys during the game. I’ve seen more helmet to helmet hits during a touchdown celebration than you do in the game. How ironic is it that the guy who just survived being pounded to the ground by 11 oversized monsters on steroids gets pounded in to the ground by his own roided up friends. He’s gonna get a concussion and then BAM, blow out his ACL on trying to do a leaping chest bump to celebrate with his buddies.

This is what a bit looks like at the start, but it’s funny, I haven’t done it on stage yet, I will as soon as I get to an open mic. It can fit right at the end of the 4 balls law joke in my setlist with easy transition and has plenty of room for expansion as I keep writing on it. Solid work, Andrew.

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