San Diego and Family Time

It’s imagesgreat to be here in San Diego. Just wrapping up my trip. I’m not a crass individual (as far as you know) but GOD DAMN! The women here are ooggle worthy. I don’t know if they’re all way hotter in California, or they’re just mostly naked all the time. Either way, I’m not complaining.

I’ve been hanging out with family a lot this weekend, which is fun. Whenever I hang out with family members I haven’t seen in a long time. I start to wonder if I’m adopted. They’re walking around downtown to bars with an inflatable doll, I’m just like “I don’t know these people.”

I’ve been staying in a house with some of my cousins and they’ll come back from a bar at 2am hammered. HAMMERED. Stumble around and pass out on a couch or table. The other night, one of them fell asleep in a chair at the kitchen table. The craziest part is that they all wake up at 7am chipper as ever. They’re nudging me out of bed like “Hey we’re going to run 6 miles. You wanna come?” I’m like you gotta be shitting me. I’m not even awake yet on Sober nights. Then we go paddleboarding, and play beach volleyball until noon. I’m not related to these people. My family is Irish Catholic, so they can drink but they’re usually only running from the police.

I can not drink. I don’t drink very often. It’s not a religious thing, or a court ordered thing. Its just a 2 coors lights I can be taken advantage of. Not even that, like dip your pinky in some jager and rub it on my gums and I’m out for the night. I’ll stop crying and sleep like a baby.

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