Don’t Drink and Drive

Many years ago, I had a few drinks and was following a girl I had just met to her place. (I bet I can trace every stupid thing I’ve done to the thought that I might get laid.)

I got pulled over because I didn’t come to a complete stop at the sign. I tried to explain to the cop I wasn’t drunk, I was just an idiot. I blew a .045 which is half the limit, but still worthy of a reckless driving ticket, and more. As the cops were deciding what to do, for some reason, this song popped into my head.

“If you feel you’ve had a bit too many, grab a booth and sober up at Dennys.”

I asked the cop if I could park and just go to Dennys right across the street. They said ok and didn’t even give me a stop sign ticket. Then my waitress yelled at me for falling asleep at the table. lol. Perhaps I’d been more inebriated than I thought – Tis the season.

As I get older and I spend time every day trying to write my own stupid jokes, I look back and really appreciate how funny a lot of these songs are and then I forgive my dad for missing some of my little league games.

Photo by jpalinsad360

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