2pac probably hates me

Another things my parents and I disagree on is music. I like rap music. My dad works for a classic rock station. (for now).

People always wanna know how a skinny white kid with rich parents found rap music. I got into rap music because in high school. I got harassed a lot. I grew up around humor. My dad is funny. My life was funny. That’s why I became a comedian. But you’ve got to learn the appropriate places and times to use your humor. When your a freshman, making fun of seniors twice your size. It goes from PE to an episode of American Gladiators real quick. So in high school, I got harassed quite often and I remember feeling like nobody cared. So one day I happened upon a song from 2pac and the chorus went “Hold on. Be Strong.” and I guess it hit me. Like yeah. Life’s not that bad. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Now the stupidity of it is 2pac is rapping about gunshots in his neighborhood and people getting murdered. I’m getting thrown in trash cans because my parents are rich. So yeah. 2pac knows exactly what I’m going through. He feels my pain. lol.

Here’s something else I think about. If 2pac knew he inspired me. Like if we could resurrect him from the dead and I could tell him the story. What would his reaction be? You think he’d be like “oh cool, man. That means a lot.”? or do you think he’d kill himself. He would be so pissed. “Ugh! This was not part of my plan.” then he’d shoot himself. and then he’d make a song about it 7 days later.

P.S. I didn’t intentionally write this blog on 2pacs death anniversary. I’ve had it in my phone for a few and I just haven’t written any blogs in forever because I’ve been busy.

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