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  1. Live Cams says:

    It’s an aberration that the President of the United States endorses a mosque so close to the biggest and most atrocious terrorist act in the history of the World!It’a spit in the face of the people that died there in horror; their families, and the rest of us Americans. It is unacceptable!We should wait until the mosque is finished, and then blow it up while all the Muslims are in there praying!!! See how they feel about that

    • lol. Mr. Live Cams.

      #1 I’m not changing your website because honestly, I’d like to see what the hell watermelon cams is all about. I doubt lots of people are searching for that, so I guess you’ve got to work that SEO any way you can.

      #2 LOL at blow them up.

      #3 You’re an idiot. Get informed.

  1. August 24, 2010

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  2. December 14, 2010


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