Valentines Day

Hello. Sorry I’ve been neglecting the writing process of this blog a little lately. Lots of driving and working on trying to fill in my schedule and replace certain dates here and there.

It’s Valentines day. And since I’m the LOVE GURU. It deserves a little update on my love life.



Me neither. I’m very focused on my career. but I’m advocating more time to my personal life than normal lately. Hanging out with friends here and there. If you’re following along. I’ve sort of got a “AAA” prospect. Almost ready to be called up to the major leagues. I’m somewhat skeptical of my chances. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read the blog. So she probably has no idea. Although lately she seems to be dropping hints. A couple days ago she told me that I could pretend she’s my girlfriend on stage if I want so I can make jokes about her. and Today she told me that we should change our facebook status to engaged. Just for the day. Just for fun. It feels like she likes me but she’s not sure if it’s socially acceptable to date me. She wants to check on facebook and see what her friends think of the fake engagement first before she makes any moves. Tammy’s gonna write “You’re with HIM?” Like she’s playing chess but she won’t take her finger off the chess peice? “I’M NOT DONE YET”

Nothing on the chess reference? Guess I’m the only high school chess club alumni in here tonight? Alright. Guess that’s why I’m still single today.

Happy Valentines Day lovers.

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