Creating a Comic

 ME and Billy Gardell from “Mike and Molly”8024_10151994441445058_32763147_n
What if you had a book full of comedy advice from hundreds of the best working comedians at your fingertips?

Welcome to: “Creating A Comic” – The Book. The goal was to start a book of advice from comedians I meet and work with as a reference guide to help my own comedy career. As I started sharing the book with friends, the overwhelming expression was that it needed to be published and several expressed interest in buying a copy.

This is not a comedy class from some guy you haven’t heard of. This book has handwritten advice and signatures ranging from Larry the Cable Guy to Bob Newhart. The advice from each comedian is wide ranging, inspirational and sometimes outlandish. It includes everything from “Find your voice!” and “Turn Jealousy in to Motivation.” to “Don’t Fuck the Waitresses!” and “Always Bang the Waitresses!”

I am actively pursuing ways to get the book published. If you are able to assist in any way. Please contact me – AndrewRivers[at]

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This is a clip from 2009 of Christopher Titus on the Bob Rivers Morning Show in Seattle, WA. If you haven’t guessed yet, Bob is my dad.

I was just getting started at Open Mics and I had written a joke about the Oklahoma Thunder. I told it during the commercial break and everybody laughed. Then when Titus was on the air, they had me tell it again. They didn’t tell me I was going to do this and this time they let it die in the air and the joke BOMBED.

Titus went on to give some valuable comedy advice that I try to use to this day.