The New TV

I got a new tv recently. My friend bought a new 60 inch TV, and so I traded him my OLD tv PLUS sexual favors for HIS old TV. because his wife probably wasn’t going to sleep with him for a while, because he just bought a new 60 inch TV.

I was excited that I got a new tv, and I bragged to my facebook friends because that’s what facebook is for. My brother called me and said “Why did you buy a TV, I have an extra 40 inch flatscreen that you can have.” I told him that it didn’t cost me anything but great timing.

What kind of rich asshole just has an EXTRA 40 inch tv just laying around his house? My last tv was 32 inches and 5 years old. I may get $100 for it on craigslist but it will be gone in 3 hours. I’m so poor, I contemplate selling my bed every day because I don’t use it for most of the day. Also, I was homeless for the last 6 months, and I lived in his spare bedroom for a month, I finally found a place, he didn’t think to ask if I needed a TV?


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