Politicians: Can’t live with them. Can’t shoot them.

Well. You can. Just a really bad idea. Hey look at me. Breaking all of my rules of writing jokes. #1 Topical #2 hacky/overdone topics. Why? Because I’m just writing to write. This doesn’t fit in my act anywhere. It has a short shelf life. And to catch a predator jokes are way way overdone. So enjoy this.

I am getting annoyed with political ads. I decided that this year I’m not going to vote. Well not exactly. I will vote for the first politician to actually answer a question. Which isn’t going to happen. So I’m not voting. The ads are annoying. I think there’s GOT to be a way around it. We should set up some sort of system where, you can mail you ballot in early and then opt out of political ads for the rest of election season.

I happen to be watching that show “To Catch a Predator” the other day when the ads came on, and I thought. We should combine them. Have Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen do stings on the politicians. They think they’re on their way to some political rally, and he comes from around the corner. “Hey. Have a seat.” – That dude can get people to admit anything. “So it says here you wanted to raise taxes in 2009” – “I never said that” – *put the chat logs in front of them* – “I never intended to screw the American People over. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” – “Why do you have condoms in your car?”

and SCENE. I’m not going to spend too much time writing that one out. Just a funny joke that will be funny for election season. Recyclable. Reusable. but still stupid.

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