Oakland A’s

I’m a big sports fan. I’m hanging out in Northern California, and I’m couchsurfing. The guy letting me stay is a huge Oakland A’s fan. Their division rivals with my hometown Seattle Mariners. In exchange for room & board I agreed to go to a Oakland A’s game with the guy. The game was great, it was a beautiful day at the park with like 10 people in the crowd. but the funniest thing to me was when it came time for the national anthem. There was no singer, there was no band. They played a recording of the national anthem. Is Oakland so bad that nobody wants to go to the game, even if it’s to sing the national anthem? You can’t get ANYBODY? Nobody wants to go to Oakland. Agents everywhere are getting calls like “Yeah, what’s the gig? National Anthem. Sure my client would love to. Oh in Oakland? ahhh. He’s got a conflict that day, can’t do it. Tomorrow? nope. He’s busy.” There is nobody to sing the national anthem in Oakland. MC Hammer is from Oakland. He could use the money. I bet even the recording was trying to get out of it. That’s why they had to use an acapella group because nobody knows who they were to call their managers.

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