New Videos with Comedy and Me.

So here’s a few new videos. I thought it might be interesting for people to see the transition from my blog to the stage or the transition from getting to a place and being like “I have to address that it’s snowing right now.” There’s one more that I think I wrote about in a recent blog, that has turned into a fun joke, but I’m trying to get the video from a different club. I don’t want all of my videos to be from one comedy club. I want people to see I’m well traveled and consistent. I don’t know if I blogged about the weather up there but I definitely blogged the Oklahoma thing. Either way. Here you go:

Not much else to write about these days. Getting road weary. Tired. This road trip has been different from most of the others. The last one I did was like 9 weeks in a row. This one is 6 and I’m already tired at 4 weeks in.

My relationship with comedy is a lot like Brett Favre’s was with football. I want to quit every Monday morning when I look at the film.

Some other interesting travel facts: Utah does not have a lot of professional athletes because everyone has multiple wives anyway.

I got into a disagreement with a lady at the show yesterday. For some reason we were arguing about the Seahawks. She said I said they sucked. I was like “I never said that.” – She insisted I did. I was like “Roll the tape!”- I asked the audience to clap if they agreed with me. Most people started clapping, and then she clapped too. I was like you can’t clap! you’re disagreeing with yourself! Some guy gave me this look up front like “Arguing with a woman? You can’t win, Newbie.”

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