Motherhood is Tough

I stopped drinking a lot. Mostly because I’m performing a lot. but I always feel awkward not drinking. Especially in nightclubs or bars. I remember one time I was in a club and I wasn’t drinking and some girl came up to me and she was like “You’re not drinking tonight? You’re BORING.” I had no idea what to say. So I stole her wallet. Yeahh. Exciting. Dangerous. How you like me now? I used to drink a lot but I kept making bad decisions. Going home with the wrong girls. One time I went home with a girl from the club, we went back to her place (because I didn’t want to introduce her to my parents just yet) and things start getting hot and heavy and we move to the bedroom, and there’s a baby crib in the bedroom. Which is like whoa! Fine. but maybe that’s something you wanna bring up before hand? Don’t get me wrong. I still did it. I’m just saying. When you said “lets go to my crib.” That’s not what I had in mind. The next morning I get up to leave and I take a shower and I notice there was an empty beer can in the shower. I didn’t know what to say. I guess motherhood is tough.

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