Marry a Fat Chick

“Marry a Fat Chick – Love Tom Arnold”

We’ve talked about lots of things through this whole book. Hard Work. Preparation. Etc etc. But sometimes it’s just dumb luck to succeed.

Tom Arnold Started doing stand up comedy when he was 23 in the early 1980’s. According to Wikipedia Arnold had a prop based comedy act called “Tom Arnold and the Goldfish Review” which ended with Arnold swallowing all the goldfish for the final laugh.” I don’t want to say he was struggling but his own advice was admitting that Rosanne Barr was probably the best thing that happened to him.

They happened upon each other and fell in love. He started writing for her sitcom, rosanne and I guess it helped his career tremendously.

Sometimes luck plays a big part in helping your career along. Having a dad that’s already pretty connected has been pretty lucky. Having unemployment at the right time was pretty lucky. Having the confidence to keep going when I sucked was pretty lucky. Supportive friends and girlfriend when I first started was pretty lucky. I had friends or my girlfriend at almost every open mic when I first started because that’s what you needed to get on stage. Friends. They quickly stopped coming after a couple months. I got lucky that after that I mostly didn’t need them to get me on stage.

Now if you want to go deeper. It might be a little more than luck. It takes a special person to recognize certain advantages not everyone will notice, and to make the effort to take advantage of them. To bring the friends out. I had to text people annoyingly for a long period of time. I bribed friends with alcohol, rides, and more. I believe I called in every favor I possibly could have at the time and it payed off.

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