Free Mustache Rides

The issue of my age gets addressed quite regularly in my act at this point. I am 26.

I don’t look like it and I’m cool with it. I like how I look. It’s still fun to make fun of though.

The other day I was with a friend shopping for Halloween costumes and she said I should buy a fake mustache so I can look like a man for once. Which is hilarious.

What she doesn’t know is that I stole her 5 year old son’s iron man costume to wear for myself.

I’ve actually only met her son once, and I was quite nervous for it. If he doesn’t like me, than there’s no way the relationship goes further. but I wasn’t too worried. My ex girlfriend had a dog that liked me better than her. I figure dog and 5 year old kid are on the same level.

Fortunately for me. I never grew up. So when I met the kid, we played peek-a-boo for 10 minutes and I was instantly his best friend.


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