The End of An Era. Thank You Laughs Comedy Spot

Laughs Comedy Spot was the first comedy club to ever pay me for comedy. I moved 5 minutes up the street and Dave Dennison would call me almost every week: “I forgot to book a host. What are you doing right now?”

That’s when I learned. sometimes, availability is more important than ability.

One time I was on my way to another show, and Dave called me and said “Call em and tell them you got a flat tire, and I’ll buy you an Ice Cream Sundae.” I turned around and thought “This is the best job ever. I’m getting paid in Ice cream.” Sometimes I try to remember that feeling when I’m on the road, making peanuts. *heyoo*

Laughs is closing down for the summer, but moving to a new location in Seattle and open again by September. Come out to the club this weekend and watch a show. I’ll be there for the last open mic, and try to catch a show Saturday to see the end of an era. Also, I want to get one last ice cream sundae.405676_2971006995524_1815627177_n

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