The Butterfly Effect

I had a chance to be cool. I was in 9th grade a really hot popular girl asked me to be her boyfriend and I said no because she literally had never talked to me. So I was like, “I want to get to know you.” And then all my friends were like “You’re an idiot. That was your chance to not be a loser.” And then I asked her out every day for 2 weeks because girls like persistence. And she said no. and so that’s kinda why I’m here.
I have this ridiculous butterfly effect fantasy that if I had just changed one thing in my life. If I said Yes to that girl, my life would have been different somehow. If I said yes, than I’m popular, and then I’m friends with all these bros and then I become Ashton Kutcher. But that’s stupid because it’s still ME. It’s still Andrew just in a new situation. It’s not like all of a sudden I got a personality or learned to take showers.

Even if I said yes to that girl, She probably would have dumped me 2 days later after she realized her mistake. But it still would have been cool to be popular for a day. Like that movie shes all that or like when you sneak down to better seats at an NBA game and then the people with those actual seats come and you have to go back to the 300 level.
You can throw rims on a Hyundai but it doesn’t make it the batmobile. The worst part is she’s not even on facebook. So I know she’s not living a life worth bragging about. But I don’t know that for sure until I see it and know that my life is better now without her.

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