Burning the Light

My friend Quincy Jones got diagnosed with incurable mesothelioma and was given a year to live. Faced with a real mortality, he decided all he wanted to do was film a special. He’s DYING. He coulda gone to Disney Land. He chose to make a sepcial. Every artist just wants to give back love and feel like they accomplished something.

After the story went viral. He got on Ellen and then HBO called to film the special. The special premieres tonight.

Burning the light on stage means going far beyond your allotted time. Which, trust me, Q is known to do. Lol. Burning the light with cancer means going past his allotted year to live.

I’m a little sad he’s not gonna live to see the Lakers become good again. I mean. He’s not dying tomorrow. But shit, it might be another 30 years. Haha.

If you have HBO, catch the special tonight and send some good thoughts to Q and all your loved ones. You never know.13343042_10156933310740058_9150122370921696516_n

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