Bob is Back!

My dad is on the radio in Seattle and He does a morning show from 6 to 10am. I can’t imagine you’ve arrived here and don’t know anything about me. So just keep that in mind for this next story.

We were having a holiday party for my friends business. We were bowling. From there we went to the strip club. I didnt plan to go. Although i dont know that anybody really plans on that on a monday night. Nobody plans on making bad decisions. They just happen when you leave the decision making up to drunk comedians. (for my dad’s piece of mind when he reads this: I was sober and designated driving.)

As we pull into the strip club. Theres a billboard with my dads face on it right next to it. I was like YES! Way to go marketing department. We DO need more strippers listening. Now you wouldnt think that is their target demographic but i guess if you get off work at 4 and do a bunch of coke. You might be up at 6am. I just hope they can make it till 9:54 when they let me on the show.

Sometimes i go on the radio and talk with them and a lot of times my dad makes fun of me because im 26 and im single and not only single but also not even close to in a relationship. Hes always like oh when are you gonna bring a girl home and im like i dunno. Hes like well i wanna meet some of the girls you meet. Im like no you dont. Lately hes been saying “i would like grandkids while im still alive.” It was a monday. So it was bad parent night at the club. i wanna call him and be like i have an idea.

The weird thing is his face on the billboard made me feel like he was watching and judging me for making poor decisions. He was the mona lisa following me as I walked to the door. I started talking to his face on the billboard trying to justify it. “Look. You’re ALSO here. So don’t act like I’m the only one.”

UPDATE: Strip club bit bombed. Lol. The weirdest thing. The audience didn’t seem to think strip clubs on Monday was a bad idea or at least out of the ordinary. That’s part of the requirement of coming along for this crazy story. How do you not think that’s not a normal idea. Then again. They’re at an open mic on a Tuesday. So what do they know about making good decisions. Lol. Oh well

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