A Long Sappy Post

The last 3 weeks, I’ve been told I’m going to be promoted to headliner. Let’s just celebrate the fact that all this driving, neck pain, nightmares and lonely nights are paying off. Just not financially. Yet.

They say you shouldn’t be self deprecating as a headliner, but they also say you should find your unique voice. Well, I genuinely doubt myself. A lot!

This weekend I was in Laughlin, Nevada. Which is the place you go when Vegas is all booked up. It’s an hour southish of Vegas. Cheaper. Probably. Not quite the destination. I have a friend who says it’s the place where “The newlywed and nearly dead go.” If you’re honeymoon is to Laughlin, Nevada. Get a divorce. Last year I did shows here. It did not go well, at all. They rebooked me, so I GUESS it went well enough, but I think that’s more of a supply and demand issue.

Once you receive the itinerary for the weekend here. There is a $100 cancellation fee. Because you’ve “already been advertised and it’s not like you’re a draw, but look it’s just a pain in the ass, just please don’t do it.” A week ago, I considered canceling the shows, eating the $100 fee and just hanging out with friends because I had such a bad time last year. The manager at the end of the week told me that he will recommend that I should headline next time. YEAH. TAKE THAT “THE SECRET!”

Isn’t that crazy?

Look, when it comes to a comedy club. I am pretty tough to follow right now. I feel good about that, and am less surprised that the last 2 weeks they said they would promote me. Because one of them is a smaller club, and one is a bigger club run by a guy who likes to give guys like me chances.

but this one was crazy. Also, remind me to have some confidence in myself once in a while. That’s all.

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