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Thanks for visiting my video page. I’d rather you just come to a show. But, if putting on pants is a dealbreaker for you, subscribe to my youtube channel. I am working hard to put fresh content out on a regular basis so you can follow my adventures! The website video page will probably only get updated every few months.

Andrew Rivers: Jokes on Jokes on Jokes Youtube Playlist:
This is a playlist for videos longer than 5 minutes. This may be a 10 minute set or a joke that’s 5 minutes long. If you want the whole thing. This is where to go.

Andrew Rivers: Random Acts of Comedy Youtube Playlist:
This is a playlist full of heckler videos, riffing videos or short individual jokes that may not make it to the full show. Generally when things that went unexpectedly but turned out hilarious.

Andrew Rivers 30 minutes – Tacoma Comedy Club in Tacoma, Wa 12/2012:
Here’s a full (unedited) 30 minute performance from Tacoma Comedy Club in Tacoma, Washington. Are you ready for that time commitment? This is a good representation of what any given show is like, at the same time, it’s still 6 months old. So most of the jokes are tweaked or tightened. Some jokes don’t exist anymore. I threw in a few new jokes that didn’t work as I try to do any time I’m at my home club to discover new bits. Don’t worry, I will only bring the best stuff to your event or club. :)

Andrew Rivers in a Toyota Commercial:
This is a TV spot about my car filmed for Toyota of Puyallup in Washington where I bought my car. I helped write the commercial, and starred in it. Basically, I’m my own one man endorsement crew. If you want me to endorse your product on TV, use my contact page to get ahold of me. This video aired on local television stations and I’ve gotten some great recognition from it.

Andrew Rivers in “I Am Santa Claus” Music Video:
This is a music video for the song “I Am Santa Claus” written by my Dad, Bob Rivers. It was 1993, so I was 8 years old. but I’m sure I did most of the hard work on this one too. Watch me nail my lines at a young age! I was born for the spotlight. This music video has a guest appearance by Ozzy Osbourne and was regularly featured on MTV! My first TV credit of many more to come… some day. ;)

Thanks for checking out my videos. If you’re considering me for any show, have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me through my website. My Contact page has links to my facebook, email, youtube, and even a myspace page if you’re into that sort of thing. Just don’t tell anybody I still have one, please.

If you’re still in the mood for more videos, here’s a few other fun ones to check out: RADIO INTERVIEW #1 (audio only), RADIO INTERVIEW #2 (with video)

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  1. Gary J. says:

    Andrew, you’re awesome. Geri K sent me the link to your vids. I used to play some keyboards on your Dad’s (and Benny K’s) Twisted Tunes.

    Keep up the great work! There’s nothing I like more in life than great comedy like yours, then music, followed by good food, wine and maybe nice weather, mowing the lawn, or sex.

    Did I mention food and wine?

    Best wishes!

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