Optimism is Naive

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  1. CJ Alexander says:

    OK, I’m all caught up now, so I’ll comment on this one. Because first of all, you’re wrong, it’s a great story. Any story with so many twists that it sounds like it almost has to be made up = gold! (And since it’s not on this new site yet I won’t spoil it for anyone, I’ll just say my favorite part is where you realized you were gay, ya big pickle-smoocher.)

    I kinda had to throw that aggro out there because this part’s sappy: this post made me sad that we haven’t seen each other for a while. Hopefully you find one of those 3’s and get some rebound points on the board soon.

    That Cease VM is great, and was new for me. It reminds me of Anthony Jeselnik’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon – he was the first comic to do a stand-up set after Jimmy took over from Conan (Jeselnik’s one of the writers on the show), I think about 6 weeks or something after the transition. Anyway, the video’s not online anymore, but he was introduced and came out, you could sorta tell it was a big moment… and he just brought super confident 100mph heat with a totally balls-out opener: “Thank you for tuning in to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Here’s where it’s all going to pay off for you.”

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