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8 Responses

  1. Hi there Andrew,

    I’m planning to be at Pegasus Wed Aug. 14th.

    Till then enjoy this
    and look up Allana Ubachs stuff on YouTube too.

  2. Geoff Lott says:

    Hey, I wanna get with you and your brother about a couple of spec commercials for beer beer beer comp’nies. How can I get a hold of that guy?


  3. Art Galloway says:


    Any funny jokes about learning to drive? Or do you want to forget High school?

    • It’s hard to remember which terrible decisions to make fun of from high school, because there were so many. So I tend to joke about more recent things, but I think maybe an Osama Bin Laden costume may have been a bad choice I’ll talk about one day. Thanks for visiting Art. Hope you’re doing well.

  4. Steve Thrush says:

    My buddy and I saw you last night in…of ALL places…Colorado Springs. Funny as hell, pal. Thanks for the good time. I’m going to be in Seattle during Thanksgiving week. Are you going to be appearing anywhere near the Emerald City that week? ~steveT

  5. Hey Steve,

    Thanks. I had a good time in Co Springs.

    I will be close by. Not exactly IN seattle.

    If you go to my calendar page. I have a show friday at the Rivers Edge golf course in Tumwater/Olympia about an hour south of Seattle.

    Then a Moose lodge show Saturday in Longview which is even further South.

  6. noname says:

    You know what gets me, when Im watching a show on demand and it wont let me fastforward. it only lets me skip every 5 or 10 minutes forward. fast forwarding isnt that great either, when you push play it keeps fastforwarding. im sitting there and wife will say push play your going to miss the show, and i say no, i like to live dangerously as the next commercial passes. we are both relieved that when i hit play it perfectly started when the show came back on.

  7. Mandi george says:

    Do you do private parties? If so, available March 31 for my husband’s 50th??

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