(Note: dates subject to change with no notice. Times are not always accurate. For best information, contact me or the Venue I’m booked to appear at. You should be checking my website daily anyway.)

  • Jim Peake
    #1 written by Jim Peake 3 years ago

    How did that Max Dales show go for you? Might you be coming back there? or other venues up north, Tulalip, Swinhomish, Skagit casino’s?

  • Andrew J Rivers
    #2 written by Andrew J Rivers 3 years ago

    It’s possible Jim. Keep a lookout here and on my facebook.

  • Keith Rivers
    #3 written by Keith Rivers 3 years ago

    Titus should invite you on his tour

  • Zach
    #4 written by Zach 2 years ago

    Hey Andrew, looks like you’ve been busy at the dentist a lot recently… good to see those details on your comedy calendar.

  • Julia
    #5 written by Julia 2 years ago

    Last night was awesome. You were so hilarious! I have seen you quite a few times, along with Adam, but last night was too much. You guys had my whole group rolling all night.

  • jim peake
    #6 written by jim peake 1 year ago

    get video of your eqc gig. couldn’t hurt

  • Scott Redman
    #7 written by Scott Redman 4 months ago


    My brother Gary is married to your Aunt Mary back in CT. I live in Pittsburgh. I didn’t see any dates for you in Pittsburgh although you are in Harrisburg in May (3 hours away). Maybe we’ll come out to see you in May. We’ll definitely come to see you if you’re ever in Pittsburgh. Best of luck in your comedy career.

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