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My Biography is to the left, so here’s some other things you might be interested in knowing:

I could list everywhere I’ve performed, but a picture is worth a thousand words:
Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.39.47 AM
(31 states I think? I’m losing count. Not Pictured: Alaska, Alberta & British Columbia.)

Comedy Clubs (Short List):
Laughs Comedy Spot (Kirkland, WA), Tacoma Comedy Club (Tacoma, WA), Rooster T Feathers (Sunnyvale, CA), Morty’s Comedy Joint (Indianapolis, IN), Wiseguys (Salt Lake City, UT), Laffs Comedy Cafe (Tuscon, AZ), Loony Bin (OK,KS,AR), Comedy Cafe (Milwaukee, WI), Hecklers (Victoria, BC), Comedy Caravan (Louisville, KY), The Comedy Cave (Calgary, AB), Dr Grins (Grand Rapids, Mi), Second Street Comedy Club (Harrisburg, PA), Joke Joint (Saint Paul, MN), Jokers Wild (New Haven, CT), Laugh House (Bloomington, IL)

Colleges (performed at, not attended):
Western Illinois University, Idaho State University, Central Washinton University, University of Washington – (Tacoma Satellite), Washington State University – (Vancouver & Richland Satellites), Pierce College – (Tacoma & Lakewood Satellites)

Finalist: 2013 Tacomedy Contest | 3rd Place: 2010 Funniest Person to Drive Through Totem Lake

Has Worked With (Paid Opening Act):
Mike Birbiglia, Killer Beaz, Christopher Titus, Billy Gardell, Richard Lewis, “Whose Live Anyway”, Chris Franjola, Costaki Economopoulos, Steve Hofstetter, Taylor Williamson

Acting: (follow link to view commercial):
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Commercial (online only spot)
Toyota of Puyallup Commercial (featured on Local NW TV)
“I Am Santa Claus” Music Video (featured on MTV)

Other Notable Appearances:
Featured Guest- The Bob and Tom Show
Featured Guest – The Bob Rivers Show
Featured Guest- The Northwest Convergence Zone

What others say about Andrew:

“You have a great energy and a powerful stage presence. Those are traits you cannot buy. You either have them or you don’t. You will only get better and better with stage time.”
-Eddie Brill
Comedian, Former Talent Booker – “Late Show with David Letterman.”

“Very very few comics have had your energy and drive at this. It is incredibly impressive. You will be a success at comedy and you will do great things.”
-Kermet Apio
Comedian, Winner of the ‘Seattle Comedy Competition’, Winner of the ‘Great American Comedy Festival’.

“I’m so glad you’re funny, so I don’t have to lie to your Dad.”
-Mike Birbiglia
Comedian, Writer, Director and Star of “Sleepwalk With Me.”

“You’re funny. As soon as you get dick hair, you’re gonna be huge!”
-Killer Beaz
Comedian, Warner Bros Recording Artist

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